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Hackeim Community


Hackeim is building a Community

To become one of the leading tech visionaries, that introduces disrupting and modern contributions towards reinventing the consulting industry into Hackeim community.
Making use of the boundaryless online globe and the power of a coinvented information consulting community, we cultivate our members' capabilities through an auto-consulting platform, that stimulates the co-development environment among our members and our Hackeimians.

About Hackeim


Redefining the Consulting Industry

Hackeim's mission is to help everyone acquire knowledge as an enabler for information management through our Auto-Consulting platform, on-demand consulting, and information consulting community.


We at Hackeim adopt the digital technology that supports the vision towards introducing Hackeim community all over the online globe, which creates our targeted growth opportunities that support our community expansion to outreach as many members and Hackeimians as possible.

Hackeim Consultant
Casual Business Meeting

About Hackeim

It's time to write a new "Online" chapter in the history of consulting industry.

It's about information management,

It's about self-help,

It's about crossing boundaries and it's about community!

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